About Pham Dang Anh Thu

Pham Dang Anh Thu was born in 1988. She became famous when she won first prize in the HotVteen 2006 contest, at the same time as Wanbi Tuan Anh, Midu, Khong Tu Quynh ... Pham Dang Anh Thu has been the face of several teen magazines. However, she did not choose to join showbiz like hot girls and hot boys at that time because she realized that she lacked height. "I can't compete in something that's not my forte. The title of HotVteen made me known but was not my ticket into showbiz. I believe my 'hotness' depends not only on my appearance but also on my confidence, ability and bravery": Pham Dang Anh Thu said

With that in mind, the beauty focuses on studying and gaining experience in the field of fashion design. In 2008, she built her own brand and continuously achieved success, becoming a familiar name trusted and chosen by many famous artists. Currently, she is a leading designer of evening dresses, with many stars such as Ho Ngoc Ha, Huong Tram, Ho Quynh Huong, Do My Linh and Tieu Vy... select.

Pham Dang Anh Thu shared, she has been interested in drawing and design since childhood, so when she entered university, she chose the School of Architecture. "This is my own decision, against my parent's wishes. My relatives wanted me to study medicine in the family tradition": the designer said. In the early years of starting a business, Pham Dang Anh Thu had many difficulties because of immaturity and inexperience. She had to find her own premises, tinkering with fabric sources and sometimes cheating her out of money “hurting to remember”. "Many times I was discouraged but thanks to my burning passion I overcame all challenges": the designer said.

Pham Dang Anh Thu possesses a gentle, feminine beauty but a strong, fierce, "enterprising" personality. She was one of the very few people to build her own brand in her 20s, while still in college.

She has a very famous close circle of friends and often appears in events such as Minh Plastic, Mina, hot mom Di Bing, Pharmacist Tien and many successful businessmen. Currently, designer Pham Dang Anh Thu is also in charge of organizing events, festivals, and weddings,... She is also the person behind organizing weddings and wedding dresses for many famous couples in showbiz such as Luong The Thanh - Thuy Diem, director Victor Vu - Dinh Ngoc Diep, Ung Hoang Phuc - Kim Cuong, Joyce Pham - Tam Nguyen …

In addition to her business and design, she is also a very active volunteer activist. Just successfully auctioned 3 dresses with a total value of 755 million, including the famous 405 million dress worn by Miss Luong Thuy Linh, contributed by Mr. Minh Plastic to the Fund "Da Nang, Quang Nam - Million hearts towards it" of Director Hoang Nhat Nam.

Recently, the 32-year-old beauty was also surprised when she showed off her vocals with rapper Wowy on the Kiss From The Cloud fashion stage. The performance attracted the attention of many viewers when broadcast on the YouTube channel and reached the top 6 trending after 1 week of launch.

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